Labeling Services


labeling services commercial printing indianaAt Commercial Printing Services, we specialize in creating & constructing custom labels for our customers but have a wide array of stock sizes & constructions as well.  Many of our clients have a need to create and produce a number of labels that appear on their products. These labels usually include a logo that promotes a company’s  unique identity or barcode that helps to identify or track the product.

There aren’t too many places you can go without seeing custom labels. Most industries need labels for product branding, marketing campaigns and satisfying safety labeling programs mandated by the federal government. We can provide labels for every industry.

A few examples that our label services provide:

  • Giving kitchen cabinets a brand name identity.
  • Warning the heavy equipment operator to watch his or her step.
  • The operator controls on personal equipment.
  • Establishing a brand for food and beverage.
  • Healthcare instructions.
  • Company identification on products.
  • Warning labels.

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