Paper Grades

Bond (17 x 22):

Bond papers are commonly used for letters and business forms. They have surfaces which accept ink readily from a pen or typewriter and can be easily erased. Most letterheads and business forms are a standard 8-1/2 x 11 size.

Coated (25 x 38):

This consists of base paper to which has been applied a smooth, glossy coating. Coated papers are used when high printing quality is desired because of its greater surface smoothness and uniform ink receptivity. There are many kinds: cast coated, gloss coated, dull coated, machine coated, coated one and two sides, etc.

 Text (25 x 38):

These papers are noted for their interesting textures and attractive colors. They enjoy frequent use of announcements, booklets and brochures. Most text papers are treated with a sizing to make them more resistant to water penetration and easier to print to offset lithography.

 Book (25 x 38):

These papers are used for trade and textbooks as well as general printing. They are less expensive than text papers, and are made in antique or smooth finishes. Book papers have a wider range of weights and bulk than text papers so it is possible to secure almost any desired bulking.

 Cover (20 x 26):

Coated and text papers are made in heavier weights and matching colors for use as covers on booklets, etc. Papers are also made for cover purposes only. Many special surface textures are available, with finishes ranging from antique to smooth. Special characteristics of cover pages include dimensional stability, durability, uniform printing surface, good scoring, folding, embossing and die-cutting qualities. It is a useful rule of thumb that cover stock of the same basis weight as text paper has about twice the thickness.

 Newsprint (24 x 36):

Paper used in printing newspapers. Furnish is chiefly groundwood pulp, with some chemical pulp. It is made in basis weights from 28 to 35 pounds, with 30 pound used most extensively.

 Lightweight Papers:

Such as manifold, onionskin and bible paper are specialty grades that have been produced for years. Recently increasing mailing costs have fostered the development and use of lighter weight newsprint and magazine papers. Newsprint as light as 22 pound has been produced; 32 pount coated magazine paper is used regularly in web offset, and 28 pound paper in gravure.

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