Commercial Printing Prepress

Prepress Process

Once a design is created by CPS or submitted by our customers, it magically goes to print, right? Not quite. When considering a printer, the presence of a solid Prepress/Art department is crucial in determining the quality print you expect. After all, it is the center for production. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes activities occuring in our prepress department, using the latest technology and software to prepare artwork until it is suitable to run on our Offset or Digital presses. Some activities this includes are:

  • Reviewing customer submitted artwork and recommending necessary changes.
  • Building artwork from spec sheets submitted by Industries/Manufacturers.
  • Making any final corrections necessary for print.
  • Providing a proof to the customer.
  • Creating an Imposition.
  • Conducting a Preflight process.
  • Setting up artwork to go direct to plate for offset printing.
  • Setting up artwork as a print ready file for digital printing.
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